Anatolia, the Asia minor as in a very important location which combines the European and Asian cultures and the homelands of many civilization with her cultural, historical and natural richness. It will be our pleasure serving you for the Bezoar ibex, Hybrid ibex, Roe deer, Red deer, Chamois, Konya Sheep, Brown Bear and wild boar hunts on the peninsula of the Asia Minor which, in every square meter having the wealth of history and culture. We take as our duty, the satisfaction of the guest hunter, with our luxury accommodations, good food, professional guiding service, 4x4 country hunting trucks and perfect organisations, on each time. We are different, good quality and you can trust us! Come and join us. Let s live the unforgetable adventures together that you will never forget. Luck is necessary for the daily life and hunting and hope always will be on your side.

Good hunting!
Yusuf  Orhun