(Ovis Gmelinii Anatolica) 

Konya mouflon is one of the two subspecies of mouflon that inhabits in the land of Central Türkiye while the other well known by hunters as Armenian sheep where strongly migrates between Eastern Türkiye and Iran. This specie can be hunted by worldwide hunters with limited quota as Konya mouflon to be as the most important and valuable hunting trophy of Türkiye. Although Bozdağ mountains in Konya region , considered to be their homeland, some other population around Ankara, the capital of Türkiye. Hunting altitude 1500- 2000 metres for these rare animals.


1. Accommodations: Hotel
2. Best hunting period: November, December
3. Days needed for hunting: 3-5 days
4. Hunting period: 01.08 – 31.12